GRAÏNE sculpteur

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You maintain the dream to create a "Garden of the poetry". What is it about?

The idea is to create a picturesque or English garden in which there would be poets' statues and mainly Kabyle artists. This idea came to me after the 2nd Berber Spring ( 2001 ); I saw that Kabylia was a bruised region which we summon for the wars and which he needed a space and one moment of respite where all this suffering is sublimated in art. A garden which would rise in the middle of ruins, a magic place where we can finally dream. I thus worked on the bronze bust of Lounès Matoub, the stele of Mammeri which is at present to Ath Yenni, that of Kateb Yacine and Sherif Kheddam, etc. I hope I can concretize this dream, and if the local authorities do not follow, I shall use a family plot of land in Kabylia.

Extract of an interview in French language with the journalist Sarah Haidar

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